Spirituality of Spending

Everything is spiritual, even our spending. What we buy, how we buy it, when we buy it, how impulsively we buy it all pertains to our spiritual life. 

A person made the thing, grew the thing, sewed the thing, transported the thing everything we purchase is not limited to the store. I have come to the resolve that there is not one thing I do in life that is not connected to spirituality, and spending for me was the biggest one. When I had extra money, I would add it to the budget as if it was a crowned jewel only to be tossed at an extra night out to eat or an opportunity to purchase a new piece of furniture, comic book or garden tool. 

Infrequently did I find myself actually calculating whether or not a purchase was really necessary.  And in a very narrow fashion, I never took a moment to consider how my consumer habits, all the way down to the loaf of bread wrapped in a plastic bag, was impacting the environment.

Every time we hand over cash, swipe our debit card, open a new credit card account, display a particular item in our home, we are making a statement on the kind of world we are ok living in. It is time we consider the true cost and spirituality of our spending. 

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