Pastors: Denounce Trump

Pastors tow the line too much. Yes.  I mean this. There is more concern with keeping a small group of people comfortable than speaking plainly about the world around them.  I also know that pastors will disagree with me here, and I can understand why. What I am about to implor is dangerous to them … Continue reading Pastors: Denounce Trump

The Problem with “All Lives Matter”

We have heard the phrase for the past several years. It did not exist until the Black Lives Matter movement brought fresh attention to the problem of police brutality and its impact on the black community.  “All Lives Matter” is not a movement or even a phrase attempting to bring unity. It was coined to … Continue reading The Problem with “All Lives Matter”

God Isn’t in Control.

My wife Rebecca always does an incredible job curating the most thoughtful gifts, all of the way down to the card. However, as I am nearing my thirties, I have found that I much prefer experiences over physical gifts. She began to understand this and on my 28th birthday she provided the most meaningful experience … Continue reading God Isn’t in Control.

He’s Alive

I have been watching the Rod Serling Twilight Zone. It started off as nostalgia; remembering the fun Rebecca and I have on the Tower of Terror in Walt Disney World. We started with the classics: Time Enough at Last, Nightmare at 20,000 Feet, The Monsters are Due on Maple Street, and A Kind of Stopwatch. We … Continue reading He’s Alive