$20. 30 Days.

Money Cage

Impulse buying was one habit I had the hardest time breaking. I would find myself scrolling through Amazon or wandering through a department store “window shopping.” Shopping was one of my pacifiers. Waiting for the next shipment or driving home with the freshly packaged item was a sort of euphoric narcotic, a hit that only left me empty.

Adding a consumer limit to work against this consumer habit was the beginning of the end.

The limitation is simple: Any purchase over $20 requires a 30 day waiting period.

Think about it. It is easy in a moment to consider a dozen reasons an additional hoodie would be more convenient in a hypothetical scenario. How often did I find myself in an emergency situation in need of a second hoodie? This goes for a travel coffee mug, a pair of dress shoes or even a shirt.

This limitation helped me remain honest with myself about my finances. Moreover, setting limitations on how much spending money I had gave me the opportunity to think carefully before making any purchase.

Shop with a purpose, not for entertainment.

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