My name is Thomas. 

I was born in Bridgeton, New Jersey and have lived in Colorado, Oregon, West Virginia and presently Columbus, Ohio. I guess you can say I have gotten around. 

I grew up in a not so typical pastor’s home with four siblings with parents who worked five jobs between the two of them to make ends meet. This factored into how I felt about finances, a certain standard of living and going to college.

I went to college to earn a degree in Pastoral Ministry on track to become ordained as my father was. I was quickly removed from the process for being in support of a particular social issue that got a lot of news attention June 26, 2015. 

Over a period of about a year and a half I spent my time on a roller coaster ride of Spirituality, locked hard on discovering what it meant to live a more deliberate and contemplative life. This process included ejected nearly 85% of what I owned and focusing more on writing, connecting and conversing with open minded people. 

I became keenly aware of how my own values were not inline with the person I was. I would claim to be passionate about social justice, environmentalism and spiritual practices while spending most of my time contributing to the problem and avoiding disciplines. In short, along the journey I came to understand the message of Jesus, the voice of the prophets, a love for the world’s religions and the responsibility we all have as humans. Over time I began to look at my faith as less of an internalization and more about how it helps people see the deep connection everything and everyone shares.

This brings me to why I started Everyday Monastic. My deepest passion is connecting people of different backgrounds and helping them realize our common purpose. That purpose, I believe, is to grow and serve others. Living a deliberate life is not an aspiration, it is a ever-growing journey we all can take on. Join me.  

I currently live in Columbus, Ohio with my partner Rebecca and our two cats. You can meet them and see our simple home here.