Christian Schools.

I went to a private Christian liberal arts university in a small town in Ohio with a major in Pastoral Ministry. While there, I was exposed to some of the smartest professors in the field and began to challenge the Christian establishment after taking a course that involved a homelessness simulation. By the time I … Continue reading Christian Schools.

What I Wear

For all intents and purposes, I am a minimalist. I only own what I have a use for. This is filtered all the way down to my closet. Before becoming a minimalist I owned an incredible amount of clothing. These were not hand me down clothes or inexpensive clothes, but name brand items I spent … Continue reading What I Wear

Privilege as a Veil.

One day my I was having a conversation about immigration and the current refugee crisis focusing on how the rhetoric from Donald Trump was exacerbating the situation. Some of us shared our heart and the pain we were feeling for those who were in the middle of it all, being used as political leverage. One … Continue reading Privilege as a Veil.