Don’t forget, You’re Going to Die.


“Death is not waiting for us at the end of a long road. Death is always with us, in the marrow of every passing moment. She is the secret teacher hiding in plain sight, helping us discover what matters most.” -Frank Ostaseski

There is an app that reminds you five random times a day that you will die. I was jaundiced with the idea of thinking about a time when the lights go out, but nevertheless I downloaded the app and waited for the first reminder.

“Don’t forget, you’re going to die.”

Contemplating my death made me happier, adding to my meditative and prayer life in a way I never would have expected. Instead of focusing on what will one day be an end, my focus shifted toward what was most important.

Being reminded of the mortal state of our being can bring a sense of enlightenment and an urgency to live now. Instead we point toward endless tomorrows and spend our time pandering in ephemeral experiences only to look at yesterday with regret.

Our time and attention are the two most precious resources and yet we spent most of it with social media, Netflix, online shopping, Sports Center, Lifetime, or even keeping up with the Trumps. I do not believe we will be on our death bed wishing we spent more time with our glowing rectangles.

For many of us, our time is occupied away from creative endeavors, time with loved ones, exercising, eating healthier, planning that dream vacation, serving others, or even plainly telling someone what they mean to us.

Don’t forget, you’re going to die.

How do you want to be remembered?

What impact do you want to make?

Where do you want to go?

Who do you want to love?

Don’t forget, you’re going to die. 

You have permission to live. Start your blog, record your first Podcast, go on that camping trip, talk to that stranger, spend time with your loved ones, feed the hungry, heal the sick, clothe the naked.


The life lived before death is more important than any that can be thought of after.

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