Why I Hand Grind My Coffee

My coffee is hand grounded fresh every time I drink it at home. This might not be the most efficient way to grind coffee, but the practice has become a helpful experience to the start of my day for a few reasons.

  • It keep my mornings from being rushed: Every morning I  wake up between 4:30-5:15 to begin my morning habits. Coffee drinking being one of them, I do not want any part of my morning to feel rushed. Hand grinding my beans  gives the the opportunity to slow down, use both of my hands and practice on focusing on a single task.
  • Makes drinking coffee deliberate: As an avid coffee drinker it is easy for me to drink 8-10 cups of it a day. Keeping to the process of hand grinding my coffee helps me make sure I have an adequate amount of time to both brew and enjoy it.
  • The coffee tastes better: If you do not believe me that it tastes better, you have never had freshly ground coffee. Coffee is more than a drink for me, it is one of the few beverages that I enjoy and find a tremendous amount of value in. If I am going to take time to drink coffee, I want it to be well crafted and valued by the person brewing my cup.

Hand grinding my coffee every morning is similar to making my bed. Just as making my bed gives me a sense of accomplishing a task first thing in the morning, hand grinding my coffee reminds me the importance of doing something deliberately, setting the precedence for the rest of my day.

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