Breaking Rules

Keep off Grass

Temptations to break rules we set for ourselves are all around us. Regardless of what the rule might be, temptations come as spam in our emails, well curated advertisements in our social media feed and at the check-out line.

I really enjoy well made clothing from companies I believe in, and yesterday I found myself nearly drooling over an advertisement for a sweater that was on sale. Not only am I trying to get out of debt, but I have a simple rule regarding purchases. If it is over $20 I need to wait 30 days before making the purchase.

Clicking on the accessible “shop now” link I examined it, read the reviews and placed it in my shopping bag. My thumb hovered over the complete purchase button as I began to make my usual justifications.

“It is on sale.”

“It is only one.”

“Just this one time.”

“You work hard and deserve it.”

Leaving it in the shopping bag I went about my day. Getting ready to leave work I put my sweater on.

“Do I really need another one?”

Going back to the website I took one final look at the sweater and hit delete. Being able to afford something does not justify my need for the item. By hitting delete I saved 100% of my money and left the item for someone else who might find value in the sale and purchase it as a true need.

My 20/30 rule is not arbitrary or masochistic, but an appropriate limit to help bring discipline to my compulsory habits. If I had really found myself in need of the item, I do not believe I would have had a problem hitting “complete purchase.”

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