The Power of Single Tasking


How focused are you at this moment? Are you readings this essay, or skimming through it while doing something else? Are you looking up periodically to see if the light has turned green? Should you be paying attention to a lecture or the person speaking in an important meeting? Are you reading this while using the toilet or at the urinal? Is your partner across from you eagerly waiting for you to give them your complete attention?

These questions come from my own experience, and I wonder if I am really getting as much done as I desire to. My intention use to be getting as much done as I could in as little time as possible to finish my day with as much checked off my list as I could.

Even while typing the previous sentence, I attempted to take a sip of coffee while completing it with one hand. Did it get done? Sure. But I could have completed it more diligently and without mistakes if I instead remain focused.

Single task. Take your time. Do it well.

The power of single-tasking helped me see how even the most mundane emails could be well written. Dinners I prepared for my wife and me to eat started to taste better as I began to experiment with the spices and cooking time. My home began to look and feel more welcoming to guests when I became focused on leaving a room the way it was before I left it. Single-tasking was a way for me to find what was most important to me. The most boring tasks became zen like as I would make sure to complete everything in the most diligent manner.

Give your partner, your family, your work, your home, your yard, your job your full attention. Every moment is meaningful.

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