There is a certain unity that is implicit in others and avoided at great cost. The sick, bare, shelterless, those in prison and hungry desire to experience relief from their suffering.

The prophet Amos writes of times of drought and turmoil to those who had ancestors called by the Divine to care for those who are strangers and the destitute. Moments of great trial should remind us of the deliverance all should experience, yet sometimes the focus is on what is ephemerally satisfying.

Cultures, societies, religions and nations will continue to crumble. It is the foundation of love, justice and mercy that will reign paramount.

In this time of Advent, where we are awaiting the story of the One born to show us what it meant to be truly and fully human, let us remain true to the ways of the Divine.

Grant that I may go into the world seeking to enlighten and build up those in need of love and service. Cleanse our hearts and minds that we may respond to suffering with steadfastness and selflessness. 

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