My Family and Home

This is my wife Rebecca.
She is a goofy, loving, intelligent, beautiful and talented person. When I first began adopting the practices of minimalism and begin reengaging in Spiritual Practices she was supportive and thought I was crazy all at the same time. We have been married since 2012 after meeting in a college class. She is an incredible teacher and a skilled hand letterer. You can learn more about her by going to her instagram: coffeecatsandkinder. More about me can be found here.


This is Tuna (also goes by Tunabutt, Doodles, Doodlebutt, Precious Kitty, Cutest Kitty).
We originally called her Luna, but soon realized that she just wasn’t smart enough for that name. Her name change to Tuna was a complete accident one day when we said, “She really is more of a Tuna than a Luna.” Thus Tuna was born.

IMG_9925.JPGLeia (Princess Leia of course) was our first kitty. We got her in the wake of our marriage and find her to be one of the most snuggly kitties in all of the land.

She helps us remember that animals are certainly the master of the humans and that she is there to grace us with her presence.
Because we do not own very much, keeping our home tidy comes pretty easy. The way you see the house is representative of how it looks 99% of the time. Where we do not yet have children, we believe that the early habits of being intentional in our purchases will give us the start we need to continue our clutter free lifestyle.

Having less stuff to clean, move around and care for frees up time to invite friends over on a whim, watching movies on a week night, read quietly in our chairs, work at our work desks and get much needed quiet time. Where Rebecca does not share the same philosophy as me in the area of simplicity and spirituality, we share the same values. The appreciation we share is reflected in how we keep our home. Now, I was not always this understanding, but there is more to that story.


Welcome to our quaint home. There isn’t much to see, but we welcome you. As you sent you are welcomed by a split level of stairs, lets show you our upstairs first. As you go up the stairs you can look down to the landing where we can store our guests winter clothing or shoes.

Upstairs to your left takes you to the place where Rebecca and I spend most of our time. The living room. This is a quiet place to read, chat with friends and sit quietly and enjoy the sunrise or sunset. It is a simple room with very meaningful knickknacks that Rebecca and I both find tremendous value in.

IMG_6926 2

To the right you see our kitchen table and coffee bar (a very important area). This is my work station, we share meals with friends and enjoy company. To the bottom left you see the food bowls of the two princesses. They don’t like to see the bottom of the bowl, if they do they starve.


Looking down the hall you catch a glimpse of the Princess of the household, Leia. She is giving mom the stink eye for taking pictures of her in the middle of her nap. Tuna enjoys sitting on the coffee table where she can stare off can take part in mindfulness mediation like her dad.

Heading down the hallway you find my wife’s office where she takes part in her hand lettering passion and does her lesson planning for her students.

That concludes the tour of our home and the introductions of my little family. Be sure to stop by again.

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